Our adventure with Goblin Cat began in the summer of 2009 when we found the wonderful Habby Kat, 2000 Gemini 105M #684, and made it our own.

The previous (and original) owners had a lifetime of sailing experience which culminated with their Habby Kat.  They were parting with their beloved boat to move on to the next adventure, exploring by RV.  They were delighted to be passing ownership on to another sailing couple.

The Chesapeake is a wonderful sailing location with many good marinas.  We decided to take advantage of all the services before moving the Goblin Cat to its next home in Arkansas.

Mast step rebuilt with fiberglass foundation and new plate.
Hammock added at stern.
Bimini support added since it will inevitably be grabbed for support.
Support for mounting grill above port steps. Rail can be lowered and secure as above, or raised and secured to mounting point on port rail.
Microwave mounted in salon, easily accessed from galley.
TV mounted in master.
TV mounted in salon.
TV in salon secured.